Sara Grimaldi

Award-winning film director

Immunity (2020)

Immunity is a documentary on the life of adult patients with primary immunodeficiency and on their resilience in spite of their condition. Matteo Pellegrinuzzi, a photographer living in Paris, is affected by a primary immunodeficiency, since birth. A bike enthusiast, on July 2019 he decides to undertake a challenge against himself and his condition: riding the 270 km that separate Paris from London in less than 24 hours to bring a message of hope to the patients and their families and to raise awareness on primary immunodeficiencies. The film follows the 8 months of preparation for this venture and is intercalated with the life of three other patients and their daily life.

Le Retour du Train (2017)

A French village in the 1960s. People are living their lives in an everyday manner.
Isolated from the outside world, they are waiting for an “event” that will change their lives. One day they read in the newspaper that the state will re-open fifty stations in their region. The village people are sure that their station will be affected and that this will be the long awaited event that will change their lives.
A simple-minded mayor, a nostalgic retired railway worker, an impertinent shepherd and a rigid merchant are the initiators of a collective delirium that involves the whole village.
This masquerade is seen through the eyes of Sophie, a young girl who’s dream is to leave the village and, despite her age, proves to be the only wise voice in the small town.

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Endométriose : Parlons en (2014)

“Endométriose : parlons-en” is the first French professional awareness film on endometriosis. It has contributed to the mission of raising awareness on endometriosis and to make it being acknowledged as a very real disease, while carrying a positive spirit.

The film has been largely broadcasted and many articles talking about it have been realeased on the French and the International press.

Il bosco incantato (2013)

A short documentary project financed by Leroy Merlin about women in prison in Italy, searching for a lost contact with nature.

Supported by the Italian Justice Department, San Vittore’s Penitentiary and PEFC.

A prison separates a group of women inmates from a forest of poplars surrounding them. The distance between these two realities seem insurmountable. But thanks to the creation of a panel painted during a workshop in ICAM (Attenuated Custody Institute for Mothers) these women recover a lost relationship with nature that seemed impossible to find again. Their voices and memories guide us in a real journey that explores their emotions and imagination. This becomes a metaphor and a symbol of a path of rebirth that they are making. They’re going to open up to the endless possibilities that life can give.