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A French village in the 1960s. People are living their lives in an everyday manner. Isolated from the outside world, they are waiting for the “event” that will change their lives.
One day they read in the newspaper that the state will re-open fifty stations in their region. The village people are sure that their station will be affected and that this will be the long awaited event that will change their lives. A simple-minded mayor, a nostalgic retired railway worker, an impertinent shepherd and a rigid merchant are the initiators of a collective delirium that involves the whole village. This masquerade is seen through the eyes of Sophie, a young girl who’s dream is to leave the village and, despite her age, proves to be the only wise voice in the small town.

ʻLe retour du trainʼ is a metaphor of the unexpected opportunities and events that we encounter in our everyday lives. A train we are waiting for, which may or may not arrive or a train that we might or might not expect to take. Will the wish to change our lives be strong enough to put us in motion?
Appearances are sometimes deceptive. Facing a choice, being obliged to make a choice, who can affirm to know the truth? Where is the resistance we use “to avoid a choice”?

ʻLe retour du trainʼ captures a moment in time. The action takes place in a small and isolated town that has gradually depopulated over the years. In this town, the train station has been closed for many years, but what would happen if it finally started working again? Would everything change?
ʻLe retour du trainʼ contrasts different perspectives of expectation and desire. On one side nothing changes and on the other you have the dream of a different and progressive life.
With this story, I wanted to create simple and touching human characters that were capable of moving the audience, causing them to question themselves.
In the middle of the story there is also another character: a small and unused train station. This train station is the location of earthy exchanges. This is where the village people express their beliefs and their awareness of a change that is already underway.
The inhabitants of this village are driven by a strong desire: that the newly operating train be connected to civilization and that it brings them some economic benefits. Regarding our heroine, the realization of her dreams depends on this train. This train will allow her to escape from a world that never changes.
Voluntarily, there is no direct reference to this time.
I wanted the story to be a universal and timeless metaphor.
The central element of the story is the tension between conservatism and progress that have always characterized our world.


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About me

Sara Grimaldi is an award winning film director

In 2004, when I was 20 years old, while attending the university, I started working as second assistant director in advertisement and as editor as well for some online fashion magazines such as Vogue and GQ. 
But film direction has always been my passion and in 2006 I’ve attended the Film and Television Direction class at the Cinema School in Milan. Soon after I decided I needed to try an experience abroad, so in 2008 I moved to Paris to improve my skills and to open to new perspectives.
After 8 years and a lot of new experiences, I’m still here.
 It’s hard to say what I’m specialized on, but whether it’s a commercial, a movie or a documentary, I’m focused on telling people’s feelings and emotions.
So, if that’s what you’re looking for, check out my work and then just contact me.
 I frequently move from Paris to Milan and New York.
In France I’m represented by Agents & Artistes


Selected Filmography

Le retour du train (2017)

Short movie produced by Outer Space Productions and The Blue Dog.

Selected for the West Nordic International Film Festival, Pentedattilo Film Festival (Out of Competition – section SMILE), TMFF-The Monthly Film Festival, Feel The Reel International Film Festival, Cinema World Fest Awards, Los Angeles Cinefest, AFC Global Fest, Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival, My love Michelle short film festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, 12 Months Film Festival, Cardiff International Film Festival.

Prizes: Best Film (TMFF – September), Best Screenwriter (TMFF – September), Nominee at the Best Film of the Year (TMFF), Best screenplay (Feel The Reel International Film Festival), Best Film (Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest), Best Director (Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest), Best Screenplay (Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest), Best Actress (Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest), Award of merit, Colour treatment (Cinema World Fest Awards), Award of excellence, Cinematography (Cinema World Fest Awards), Award of excellence, Sound Design (Cinema World Fest Awards).

Horses (2017)

Music video of the song Horses by the irish singer Liv Monaghan.

Endométriose : parlons-en / Real Disease True Hope (2015)

An awareness-raising film on the endometriosis.

Broadcasted on French and international medias.

Lost Souls (2014)

Fashion film for Jeanne Teston. Collection Une minute avant le deluge.

Selected for the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival.

Saint-Valentin (2014)

Short movie produced The Blue Dog.

Screened at the festival “Quasi Niente, i dettagli che contano”.

Tout ce qu’il faut (2013)

Commercial for the Association Philotechnique de Boulogne-Billancourt.

Il bosco incantato (2013)

Documentary for the promotion of the social activity and sustainable development of Leroy Merlin in Italy.

Screened at the Festival Cinemambiente (Special Event).

Selected for the festivals SremFilmFest, Human District, Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival, Scrittura e Immagine Corto Film Festival.

La chose qui manque (2013)

Short movie Produced The Blue Dog.

Proteggi chi ami (2012)

Commercial produced by The Blue Dog.

Finalist at Movi&co 2012.

Âme (2012)

Short movie produced by The Blue Dog.

Finalist at the festival Filmer les mots.

Tout le monde le veut (2011)

Commercial for the french italian magazine Focus In.

Tu vuo’ fa le parisien (2011)

Documentary commissioned by Ile de France and Emilia-Romagna, about Italian immigration in Paris.

Focus In (2011)

Commercial for the French Italian magazine Focus In.

Automne (2011)

Short movie produced by The Blue Dog.

Selected for the festival FiatiCorti and the Short Film Corner 2012 (Festival de Cannes 2012).

Finalist at the festival Les courts-métrage…le retour ! organized by MK2.

Merendine e brodo di pollo (2008)

Short movie produced by Laboratorio Cinema.

Selected for the festivals Contromano, Valsusa Filmfest and premio Cinema Accademia Barilla.

Broadcasted on the Italian tv Coming soon TV.

Viaggio in provincia – Itinerari intorno alla via Francigena (2008)

Documentary commissioned by University of Pavia.

Tempo permettendo (2007)

Short movie – Scuola di cinema, televisione e nuovi media.

Selected for the festivals CortoViterbo, Fiaticorti.

Third prize at the festival Un ciak a Roggiano 2007 (2007).

Broadcasted on Minimuvie.

Anime metropolitane (2007)


Screened at the festival Altri sguardi, altre voci (2007).


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